Plymouth rated as best for investment

According to industry website Property Investor Today, Plymouth is one of the best UK areas to invest in a property in 2022.

New research from technology giants Currys PC World and Swann Security looked at the safety and community aspect of neighbourhoods around the UK to highlight some of the most desirable places to live.

The report reveals crime rates, property prices and nationwide survey data about people’s relationships with their neighbours.

The research rated Plymouth as the best city for friendly neighbours, with nearly 70% of residents saying they get on with those living next door.

Plymouth also boasts more community events than other UK cities.

While property prices and local amenities are key considerations in any house purchase, feeling safe and welcome in your local area can also be an important factor.

Details of the full research into community spirit is available here:

Cities with the best relationship with their neighbours

1 Plymouth 69.4%
2 Belfast 69%
3 Cardiff 67.5%
4 Edinburgh 66.7%
5 Liverpool 65.1%
6 Norwich 63.7%
7 Bristol 61.1%
8 Southampton 61%
9 Glasgow 58%
10 Leeds 57.5%

Source: Currys PC World & Swann Security